Recession Inventing

posted by on 2009.04.22, under Entrepreneurship

Let’s deal with this current pirate crisis and start moving forward again as a civilization. Its amazing that with all the accomplishments humans have had throughout the years, we are so helpless in the ocean. NFL players drowning at sea, shark attacks, hurricanes demolishing cultural landmarks, and Somalian fishermen shaking the planet up by seizing a US ship. I have been upset about the pirate problems for years now, trying to figure out a safe way to film a documentary on the phenomenon. But now it is something everyone is interested in, and there is sure to be a blockbuster movie made about it.

Heres to the future – 3D printing, miniture medical devices, biofuels, smarter phone apps, electric cars, on demand entertainment, nanotechnology, cancer cures, gadgets powered by human bodies,


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